Friday, September 15, 2017

Annual Trip to Devil's Tower

We made a quick trip over to see Grandma Fern in Spearfish.  She is doing really well.  We were able to take her out to lunch and for a drive up Spearfish Canyon.

We camped at Devil's Tower on our way back from Spearfish.  The kids LOVE to walk around Devil's Tower.  It is on their to-do list every summer.  We take a picture in the same spot every year.  :)  This was the first year that we haven't had to push or carry one of them.  Hooray!

Our 1st picture -- 2011  :)

The campground that we stay at is at the base of Devil's Tower.  It has a fun swimming pool and playground that the kids also enjoy!

First Day of School!

The three girls headed back to school on August 23rd.  Gabi will be in 4th Grade.  Maya is in 3rd.  I am starting my 16th (gasp!) year of teaching.  I did start back full-time this year after teaching half-time the last 3.5 years.  I was ready and so far it has been great for all of us.


We spent the majority of the week after Fair camping in our very own Big Horn Mountains.  Having livestock keeps us tied to home for the majority of the summer, so we had originally planned to take a big road trip or fly somewhere after fair was over.  However, it really doesn't get much better than spending time together as a family in God's Country.  We love where we live.

The kids and Joe took the camper up the night before we left and found a great spot in Elgin Park.  The next morning, the kids and I packed up the car and headed for the hills.  I had to take a picture of all of us before we left because we were all laughing so hard at our crazy dog.  We got a new Suburban earlier in the summer and were all (okay mostly me) so excited about how much stuff we could fit in that thing!  It was amazing!!  We thought we had it loaded to the brim with suitcases, food, luggage, the dog bed, toys, bikes, etc.  But in jumps Hudson just as happy as can be with all the space he has to lay down.  

We took lots of hikes and "adventures," including this one up to Sherd Lake.

pretty comfy rock!

Lots of campfire meals and s'mores!

It was a wonderful week before the craziness of back to school began!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sheep Lead

All three kids participated in the Sheep Lead during the Fair!  They love doing this and I enjoy making and helping them create their outfits for themselves and their sheep.  :)

Jacob was quite the character during the Sheep Lead.  He dressed up as Pistol Pete (mascot for the University of Wyoming).  We dressed his sheep up as Cowboy Joe (the horse that is kind of a secondary mascot at football games).  The mustache was a huge hit with everyone and his silly star of the show personality shined brightly!  His picture even made the front page of the Buffalo Bulletin.  He won the "Most Humorous!" award.  :)  I made his vest out of brown wool and Joe's Aunt Diane did the embroidery.

Walking towards the judges.

The judges asked to see the back of his of course he poses with his hand on hip and butt sticking out.  This is about the point where I lost it and couldn't take anymore pictures because I was laughing so hard!

Very tired boy when it was all done!

He had a second wind with the sucker he won!

Gabi wore her "hippy" outfit.  She made the black shirt out of wool and added the pompoms and colorful stitching.  We made it using a vintage 70's pattern that we found.  She made a pair of jeans that were too tight for her into bell bottoms to go with the shirt.  Her lamb had a matching blanket.  She won 2nd place!  She also won 1st place in the "Make It With Wool" contest for her shirt.

Maya wore the felted wool owl costume that we made last year for Halloween.  We made her lamb a blanket out of the same wool that had pockets for her favorite book series..."The Owl Diaries."  She cut out and made lots of little owls that covered the blanket.  I didn't get a very good picture of the blanket.  She won the "Most Creative" award.

Fair Time!

We had a big week at the Johnson County Fair & Rodeo 2017!

The Fair kicked off on Tuesday when Gabi showed both "Chip" and "Dale".  She was much improved over last year.  All of her hard work and running of Chip paid off.  He actually weighed less than Dale, which definitely wasn't the case for most of the summer.  His nickname of "Fatty" was fairly accurate...haha!

Gio & Gabi waiting patiently

4 year old don't really watch sheep shows.  Good thing his trucks and a whole lot of dirt were in order.
Gabi also participated in the Fashion Revue on Tuesday where she modeled the "Hippy" outfit that she made.

Maya's flower arrangement won Grand Champion for the 2nd year in a row!

Gabi's pastel eagle drawing won a purple ribbon in the open class!
 The Krazy Kritters, our 4-H Club, had a fun float in the parade! :)

Mr. Jacob collecting candy at the parade and clutching his fidget spinner that someone gave him.

Cotton Candy at the Rodeo!  Thanks Uncle Greer!

Jacob loved the kid's footrace at the rodeo

Gabi's wool shirt won Reserve Champion for construction so she got to ride on the Parade of Champions during the rodeo on Sunday.

Gabi back in the showring Saturday night for the Junior Livestock Auction.  She sold Chip for $1300 plus some awesome add-ons from people in our community.

A couple of Gabi's 4-H projects went to the Wyoming State Fair!  Both her "Curly Sheep" pastel art and her sports cake won 2nd Place Red Rosettes at the Wyoming State Fair!

Gabi's Aunt Amanda helped her decorate this cake with fondant!  She loved doing this!


Another BIG picture dump from July!
Best Sprinkler Ever!

She ran down the entire length of the sprinkler and back!

We had a little fun with some sparklers on the 4th of July! :)

More 4th of July fun with the cousins!

I took all the ranch kids up Windy Ridge.  They did awesome!  The grass was so high on top!
First stop: 3 trees!

We made it!

Enjoying a popsicle after the hike!

The kids and I went to Kendrick Park in Sheridan a few times this summer.  Jacob loves the fire truck there and his sisters play along with him well.  He is a lucky boy.

Maya and her buddy got into the face paint one afternoon. :)  Silly girls!

Both Gabi & Maya took golf lessons this summer.  Gabi won 2nd place in the tournament!

This boy sure loves his kitty!

We saw a moose on the ranch!  He must have followed French Creek down the mountain.

Lots of backyard pool time this summer!


The local paper did an article on Gabi getting her lambs ready for the Johnson County Fair.  You can read it here: Getting Ready for the Big Show

She loved working with her lambs this summer!