Sunday, April 30, 2017


Here are some pictures from April.  The end-of the school year activities are upon us!  It will be one big push to get some things wrapped up by the end of May!

Maya was part of the Stars of Tomorrow Johnson County benefit last night.  She was a "pink lady" in the Grease Medley that Jen and Bill performed.  She loves dancing and they had so much fun!

Joe is building Jacob a new big bed!  He's been working on it with all of his tools, which Jacob just loves.  Jacob got out all of his tools to go "help" Dad.  :)

Jacob and I checked out the Healthy Kids Day at the Y after we dropped Gabi off at a friend's house to play and while Maya was at dance lessons yesterday.  He was shaking with excitement when he got to sit in the police truck and the helicopter!

Flight for Life
We have had a ton of snow and moisture this Spring.  It has made ranching very difficult for Dave & Joyce.  We had a snow day on Tuesday of this past week due to 15" of snow and blizzard conditions.  We had a late start last Friday due to another 12" of snow.  The one good thing?  The elk like to come down to the meadow when we get Spring snow!  They are pretty amazing to watch!

Maya helped me to shovel the driveway last Friday so we could get out to go to school!!
Jacob has finally transitioned out of a crib and into a toddler bed.  Both girls learned to crawl out of their cribs before they were 2...prompting the change to the toddler bed.  Jacob is nearly 4 and just figured it out last Tuesday.  Silly boy!  He is very excited about his "gate" being down!!  haha!  and even more excited for the big bed his Daddy is making him.

We had a snow day with no electricity last Tuesday!  Our wood burning stove keeps our house extra toasty, especially when you build a comfy fort right in front of it!  The kids spent most of the day in the huge fort.

Jacob loved having his sisters home for the day.
We helped Dave & Joyce pick up baling twine out of the feed grounds and hay yard last weekend.  The kids were good helpers, but they couldn't resist playing on the hay bales as well.  :)

Gabi dressed up and did a presentation for Career Day last week.  She chose to dress up like a rancher.  We laughed because this is definitely the "going to town/rodeo rancher look," not the usual daily wear of a rancher (dirty coveralls and muck boots this time of year.)    :)

All of the second graders did a performance called, "Goal!"  It had a soccer theme and turned out pretty cute.  Maya was very into the performance and even had a little rap solo!

Maya with her best buddies

Nicole and her friend brought their horses over while they were home for Easter.  The girls love riding.

It has been so wet this Spring, so it is a good time to clear wood out and burn it.  We put these kids to good use on their day off from school.  

The girls had their Spring piano recitals.  This was Maya's 1st year and Gabi's 3rd year. I can't get Gabi's video to load for some reason.  Here is Maya's rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  :)


Finally, Maya had her Spring dance recital today.  She took lessons from a different person this year.  It was a trade-off...she learned a ton more and the expectations were higher, but since this was the teacher's first year, there were no big recitals ( fancy costumes to buy)!  Instead, her class performed at the Senior Center today, much to the delight of Buffalo's elderly after they finished up their Sunday lunch.  :)


Easter seemed to be a multi-week event at our house this year.  Jacob loves hunting Easter eggs.  We all took turns hiding them for him to find a crazy amount of times.  :)

We stuff 150-200 eggs each year for the annual Easter egg hunt that some of our friends host.  Maya and Jacob did most of the work this year.  Maya stuffed them with candy, then would put them on the floor for Jacob to pick up with his crane, and then he would swing the boom around and drop them out of the crane and into the bucket.  It kept them busy for over an hour!

Dying Easter eggs after church on Palm Sunday!

Jacob's masterpieces
Jacob was well-practiced ahead of the annual Easter egg hunt!  He filled his bucket in no time!

The girls each had a friend over on Good Friday (a no school day for us!), so we dyed more Easter eggs (no pics taken, though) and then their cousins came over for the third and final egg dying this year!  Good thing Gabi and Maya LOVE hard-boiled eggs and egg-salad sandwiches!  They ate a lot of them!

I am behind them holding Jacob...I bet he will be able to sit up there by himself next year !  :)

We did get Gabi in a dress with her hair down for church, but that ended about 1.2 seconds after we got home!  ;)

We made another bunny cake for the ranch family to enjoy on Easter Sunday.

and finally...the Hall Ranch Easter egg hunt!  Always a fun time...

off they go across the bridge!